Announcing NEW DBT for Mac

Purchase the Beta now!

Purchase includes free update to the final 12.1 product & a free year of upgrades after that.

To registered owners of old DBT MAC, UPGRADE FOR $495

We recommend using DBT MAC with OS X El Capitan.

Pricing is the same as with DBT Win: $595 for a single-user license.

DBT MAC print and braille files compatible with DBT WIN.

Contact your local dealer or Duxbury Systems directly!

Product status as of August 11, 2016:

Product status as of August 3, 2016:

Product status as of July 18, 2016:

All of these are short term limitations, with the exception of the last two items (reference page markers, GOODFEEL files). Those last two items may be more difficult to fix.

Besides these current limitations, the program is stable. While keyboard shortcuts may change, the program is built around code that has withstood the test of time.

You can download the build and use it without a license as a demo. Contact Duxbury Systems to order a license today!

Download Link for DBT for Mac (Beta 3)

Internet Copy of DBT for Mac Documentation

DBT for Mac Installation Instructions (pdf)

Purchase a Copy of DBT for Mac

Information about the DBT for Mac beta test

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