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BLNSYS-A 1401 Operating System with Braille Capabilities

BLNSYS is an operating system designed for a 4K 1401 with common optional features and two attached tape drives. Printed output of this system or of executing programs may be in either English or braille. Even though this system was written for a small machine with minimal peripheral equipment, jobs may be batched, so that card handling and lost processing time is at a minimum. This system will perform any or all of the following users specified functions: assemble SPS source decks, post list, produce condensed or uncondensed object decks, execute user's program, list card input to a program, list punched output, provide a storage dump, execute a program submitted for execution as an uncondensed object deck under debugging trace control, card-to-braille conversion, brailled listings of 7040 IBSYS batch output, and update or duplicate the system tape itself. Input-ouput subroutines are also included in the system.

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