Frequently Asked Questions

What does DBT do?

Does Support UEB (Unified English Braille)?

Does Duxbury DBT contain a table for Biblical Scholars?

Does Duxbury DBT run on Windows 8 or Windows 10?

Does Duxbury DBT run on the Apple Macintosh?

Where can I learn about Louis Braille and the braille system?

Why do I need a braille translator?

Why do I need a braille formatter?

What is contracted (grade two) braille?

What is uncontracted (grade one) braille?

What do I need to set up a braille transcription service?

Where do I get official codebooks on braille in inkprint or in braille?

How do I get the text of books into my computer?

Who sets the standards and rules for braille?

How do I get braille books for a blind child?

Where do I get a Braille embosser?

Why are English, French, German, and Spanish Braille produced differently in various countries?

What Languages Does DBT support?

What about braille graphics?

What about braille music?

What about braille math?

How do I produce braille for an unfamiliar language?

How do I get a demo disk from Duxbury Systems?

How do I get a braille chart from Duxbury Systems?

Where do I learn about other Products for the blind?

Where do I get training on the use of Duxbury Products?

What is the difference between Registration and Activation?

How can my business produce braille bills for my blind customers?

How do I report a bug or a problem with Duxbury software?

How do I know if I have the latest version of my Duxbury software?

What PC keyboards allow for 6-key braille data entry?

What file type does DBT import? What about Adobe Acrobat PDF files?

What is the Link to MS Word Autocorrect Data Entry of Math?

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