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Announcing NEW DBT for Mac

Duxbury Systems is selling DBT for Mac as a beta

Purchase includes free update to the final 12.1 product & a free year of upgrades after that.

To registered owners of old DBT MAC, UPGRADE FOR $495

We recommend using DBT MAC with OS X El Capitan.

Pricing is the same as with DBT Win: $595 for a single-user license.

DBT MAC print and braille files compatible with DBT WIN.

Contact your local dealer or Duxbury Systems directly!

Product status as of July 18, 2016:

All of these are short term limitations, with the exception of the last two items (reference page markers, GOODFEEL files). Those last two items may be more difficult to fix.

Besides these current limitations, the program is stable. While keyboard shortcuts may change, the program is built around code that has withstood the test of time.

You can download the build and use it without a license as a demo. Contact Duxbury Systems to order a license today!

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Announcing Duxbury DBT Win 12.1 sr1

DBT Win 12.1 sr1
2016-07-26 (2016-09-09)

Primary Improvements

This service release also features the following JAWS script improvements:

  1. The script files for DBT 12.1 changed the technique for SayWord to insure the whole word was gathered and spoken. This change compromised making a selection. The latest script insures that if a selection is in progress, all the words in the selection are retained.
  2. When using a braille display with JAWS 17, the script files manage the JAWS braille translation settings better (turning off input translation) to ensure that output translation is off when you are viewing a braille document.
  3. The save and restore of a Speech Profile is now limited to JAWS version17 and higher to prevent "unknown function" errors in earlier versions of JAWS.
  4. Repetitious announcements of "computer braille" when the window focus is shifted are now suppressed.

DBT 12.1
2016-07-26 (2016-08-09)

Primary Areas of Improvement

DBT Templates Streamlined



Numerous additions to math functionality; here are the highlights:

JAWS Developments

Helpful additions in the JAWS script files for DBT, including:

UEB Updates

Restored Functionality

Misc Features

Language Improvements

(Listed in Alphabetical Order)
Flag Description
Andorra Flag Catalan: Fixed percent sign and capitalization issues.
Czech Flag Czech: Fixed ten punctuation characters.
United Kingdom Flag Many fixes for UEB English.
Hungarian Flag Hungarian: Supports the new fully contracted 2014 Hungarian rules, both print-to-braille and braille-to-print.
Japanese Flag Japanese: Fixed the ryu, and a few other translation items.
South Korean Flag Korean: Fixes to improve both print-to-braille and braille-to-print translators.
Spainish Flag Spanish: added a Puerto Rico variation for certain punctuation marks.
Spanish Flag Spanish: back translation can now produce a number sign (#) with the "forcer" of dots 3456, 13. Additional "forcer" sequences are: dots 45, 56, 26, which produces inverted question mark; dots 45, 45, 26 produces upright question mark; dots 45, 56, 235 produces inverted exclamation mark; and dots 45, 45, 235 produces upright exclamation mark, regardless of context.

Announcing SWIFT 4.0

SWIFT 4.0 is a Free Product which Enhances
Your Copy of Word and DBT

SWIFT Works From Inside Your Copy of Microsoft Word

Click here for more information.

MegaDots Sales Discontinued

After much consideration, Duxbury Systems confirms that MegaDots will not be made UEB capable. MegaDots sales will be discontinued immediately.

It is with much sadness that we have come to the point where we must say goodbye to MegaDots. Thank you to all the loyal users, contributors, programmers and supporters over the years.

We will be contacting those who have purchased MegaDots since January 1, 2015 for a special offer. All registered MegaDots 2.4 customers will be able to upgrade to the current version 2.5 at no charge. We will continue MegaDots technical support until July 4th, 2016.

Thank you all for your past, present and future love of braille and literacy as keys to individual determination and freedom.

We, at Duxbury Systems, are very proud to have carried on the heritage of literacy for the blind that was shared by Raised Dot Computing & Braille Planet. We will honor and continue that tradition with the current and future editions of the Duxbury Braille Translator and future developments.

We look forward to an exciting future as Duxbury Systems moves into its 40th year of working with braille

Duxbury Welcomes BANA'S Decision to Adopt UEB

On November 2, 2012, the Braille Authority of North America voted to adopt Unified English Braille, while also retaining the Nemeth Code for Math and Science, following a carefully designed transitional process as announced in BANA's press release at: http://www.brailleauthority.org/pressreleases/pr-2012november.html

With this announcement, UEB has now been adopted by all the members of the International Council on English Braille. Because some other ICEB countries have been using UEB for several years, our Duxbury Braille Translator (DBT) already supports UEB and, by virtue of the table-switching facility, it is also already possible to use Nemeth Code in the context of UEB. We are working to make that kind of transcription even easier in future releases.

Our president, Joe Sullivan, has been deeply involved in the development of UEB, having chaired the basic code design subcommittee from the beginning of the UEB development project in 1991 until acceptance of the code by ICEB in 2004, and having served since 2004 on ICEB's committees for maintenance of the code. By virtue of that involvement, he is naturally pleased to see UEB's gradual acceptance as a robust universal code for English-based text including math and other kinds of technical notation, but he is also aware of many issues that will need to be worked out over time and determined to support BANA's decisions fully.

Duxbury Systems acknowledges that it needs to make changes in DBT so that US users can more easily select Nemeth Code for math in conjunction with UEB (or any other braille code) within DBT.

Introducing NimPro

Duxbury Systems is introducing a new product, NimPro, to read NIMAS files. This product automates many of the common transcriber steps which may be very time consuming. These files can then be exported to DBT (version 11.1 or higher) or to MegaDots (version 2.4 or 2.5).

NimPro is currently available for $295 for licensed DBT 11.1 and MegaDots 2.4/2.5 users only.

For more information about NimPro, click here.

Duxbury Systems offers "Documents on Automated Braille Production: An Historical Resource"

Duxbury Systems created a web page Documents on Automated Braille Production: An Historical Resource Those who study the history of automated braille production will find this material useful.

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