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This collection started as an extension to "Tech Support Heaven", an internal web site for Duxbury Systems Staff. It has grown to a size that it appears to be a significant recource for this field. To create this, we raided the considerable data collections of Joe Sullivan and David Holladay. More documents were added via intensive use of Google, with Google Scholar and the Internet Archive being key resources. A tip of the Hat to the NFB for funding the digitization of so many important documents. Here is the status of documents being sought for.

Duxbury Systems wishes to honor all copyrights. We will include or exclude items from this collection at the request of the copyright holder.

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Papers by Joseph Sullivan, President of Duxbury Systems

BOSTON, FEB. 1--COMPUTER TO OPEN A WHOLE NEW WORLD FOR THE BLIND--Janet Fields chairman of the Braille Transcribing Division of the National Braille Press in Boston, examines copy from computerized braille system developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The system translates English, as it is typed, into clusters of raised dots on paper. These dots can be read by the finger-tip touch of a blind person's hand. In the past, using a hand embossing machine, it took six to seven minutes to press one page. The new system can press 20 to 30 pages a minute. (AP WIREPHOTO) This Photo is dated 02/02/72.

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